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Captain Joe's

Flight Training

Subsidiary of Four Winds Aviation, Inc


Our Philosophy

We at Four Winds Aviation have always taken great pride in the flight school we've created. We're family owned and operated with over 2 decades of training experience rooted in tail wheel and aerobatic instruction. On top of that, we know first hand what it takes to become a full-time, professional pilot. We specialize in training for every pilot certificate that any aspiring pilot would seek to obtain.


Be it the Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument, Commercial, Flight Instructor Ratings all the way to Airline Transport Pilot Certificate, we have the expertise to train you for every aspect of these certificates.


We say all of this because our students are more than just a source of revenue to us. Our school presents aspiring and licensed pilot's alike with unique opportunities, both professionally and recreationally, so flying always remains fulfilling.

We also recognize the pressures of flight training and the differences in learning preferences amongst our students. As such, we take the time to find which of our Instructors will best fit your needs and tailor our training plans to fit into your life.

Now with two North Dallas flight training locations, we definitely have the right fit for your busy schedule!


How We Can Help You
Please Note, Airplane Prices are Including Gas.
Cherokee 140, $160/hour wet
Cessna 150, $130/hour wet
$75/hour instructor rate


Contact Me

4650 Clear Star St, Hangar #103 Denton, Texas 76207

Call or Text: +1 (469) 844-3595 (FLY5)

Text: +1 (469) 844-3595

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