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Flying at Denton Enterprise Airport

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Denton Enterprise airport is the jewel of Denton, Texas and the gateway to Dallas & Fort Worth. 20 miles north of DFW airport but without the large arrival and departure delays. Located under the busy class B airspace shelf which starts at 4000feet. KDTO is a towered airport which operates 7 days from 6am to 10pm, and the airport is operational 24/7.

The airport is home to a couple of FBO's (US Jet Center & US Trinity) who also service all your aviation fuel needs. Not the cheapest place to fill up but the location and access to all DFW area facilities makes up for the high prices.

There is plenty of variety on the airfield from Flight schools, to flying clubs, Aircraft rentals plus hanger space to house your own airplane.

The airport now has 2 parallel runways and is primed for the accelerated expansion of North Dallas. It has a good selection of Instrument approaches that allows for IFR training and all weather access.

The ATC folks are super friendly although less experienced pilots can expect some gentle ATC corrections now and again, but all good education. The airport is ripe for more development opportunities such as retail and restaurants which can and will attract more traffic to the city. Don't forget that Denton has allot of history worth exploring too. Checkout all these resources to make your stay in Denton enjoyable. Who can ignore the Mean Green machine at UNT based in Denton where thousands of youngsters get a solid world class education.

Checkout KDTO for your self and bypass the long commercial delays at DFW and DAL airports, and if you are eager to learn how to fly or looking to get current on your flying certificates then give Captain Joe a call or visit his web site where you can get more info on the services they offer. Have fun folks.

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