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Dave Honaker

Flight Instructor / ATP / School Owner 


As a professional pilot flying numerous turbine aircraft makes, Turbo Jet and Turbo Prop alike, I know specifically what it takes to succeed as a professional pilot in todays fast paced market. 
Whether you only want to pursue a Private Pilot certificate, or if you want to become a professional pilot, we have the expertise to get you there. We are here to  help others achieve their goals in aviation! Whether it be a Captain at the airlines, or to go fly with your family, we are here to help YOU!

CaptJoe_Blank Business Card.png

Patrick Spoden

Flight Instructor

patrick CFI.jpeg

Patrick has always had a love for aviation. He started his career as a flight attendant, and reached for the stars! Patrick is easily spotted by his huge smile and positive attitude. Patrick has been a fantastic mentor for aspiring pilots.

CaptJoe_Blank Business Card.png

Matt Watkins

Flight Instructor

matthew website.heic

Matthew has been in aviation since he was little! His father runs a flight school, and Matt has always been flying! Matt is a very accomplished pilot, with his CFI, CFII, and MEI!

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